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Welcome to The Lake Lodge At Grand Lake O' The Cherokees Blog: Easter, Friends, Ouch! Bassmaster Classic Follow up Edition!

Got to dog sit Riggins....He loves the pond!


Great friends Neil, Matt, Stacy, Tyrell, Randy, Byron, Hank, Sherry, Kevin, Danny (sorry your head is cut off, lol) Clay, Chase, McKenzie, Will, Jr and Tim......

This...... is what Classic Week was and always will be from now on for me. Dear friends that I won't get to see very often.... I got to see maybe hundreds (too many to post all the pictures) Wish I could! These few above are just a few of the friends that remind me how blessed I have been over the years. I am truly grateful that Gods plan had our paths cross! Classic week did nothing but confirm for me that God has a plan in everything that happens to you. You may not see it now, even if its a rough time, but God will use those times and use you, if you let him!

20 years ago, God had a plan for me to uproot the family and take a job at B.A.S.S. ........ That was an easy yes lord, I hear you, lets go! I spent 18 years there growing some great relationships and meeting so many people that I now consider great friends. But 2 years ago, the plan changed. I was supposed to leave B.A.S.S. and come home. Looking back there were so many signs and I just wouldn't listen..... It was not a "yes" that I wanted to say...... I fought it. Fought it hard...... until God changed the plan so drastically that I didn't have a choice but to listen! Once I finally accepted the plan, things just fell into place for the building of this lodge. I would be glad to share the whole story sometime and why I believe God has a plan, and you might want to listen when He's trying to tell you something!

COS Praise Team, Easter
COS Praise Team, Easter at the PAC

Which brings me to Easter Sunday. Our church had a great community service at the Grove HS Performing Arts Center. It was a wonderful service with a big crowd. Lots of new faces that maybe had never heard the real meaning of the Easter Celebration, which is the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Val and I have really fell in love with this church. Val volunteered on the parking team and I sang on the Praise team. If you know me, you know I love to sing and it was very moving and I was honored to be asked to be part of the team!

National Anthem Day @ Classic Launch
Also had the honor of singing the Anthem at the Classic launch day 2

Grand Lake, Oklahoma, Tournament Results, Lake Level, Area Info

I have not been out on Grand since just before the Classic so I don't really have a report for you other than the lake level is still at 742.01 and the water temps are in the mid 60's in most areas. Rumor has it the fish have really started moving to the backs of the creeks and pockets.

As far as the Classic goes, the winning weight was 58-3 and I did say you would see fish being caught several different ways and my final weight prediction below was pretty spot on. I'm just sayin! LOL

Prediction: I was asked what I thought it was going to take to win, and I think someone will average 19 and change pounds per day, with the total being 58.12! That's pretty good on any lake!

Bass World Sports
Bass World Sports, Dinner time!

Bass World Sports

The week following the Classic the Bass World Sports Championship was held on Grand. We had a full house! They were a great bunch of guys. they cooked out almost every night and even invited us to join them. They cooked some great fish, pork steaks and wings! Congrats to Bryan Maloney and Ken Whitfield with a 2 day total of 34.62 to take home that Championship!

It had been 25 years at least since I actually participated in a BASS Nation event and I gave it a shot. I fished the BASS Nation Regional on the Arkansas River last week. CONGRATS to friend and fellow "oldschooler" Chris Johnson on his big win! Love it!

Well, I tried to fish it! I had never been on the river and didn't get much practice and I drove 1 1/2 hours back and forth each day so I could be at the lodge in the evenings. So my hopes were not that high, but again, I ran into a bunch of friends from over the years and that meant more than anything to me! When I got to the ramp for the day one launch, my wheel was missing! Never felt it leave! Just grateful I made it and lets go fishin! Had the honor of singing the anthem that day and had a great partner from Arkansas Josh Trotter, sorry I didn't put you on fish. We fished hard and I hit a rock (idling) hard enough to bend my prop and break my skeg, weighed one little fish, made the Bassmaster launch gallery and weigh in

Had fun.....that's what it's all about for me! I would like to try again and be a little more competitive. I did win a "who's fish is smallest" bet with Brandon Pedigo, so there's that!

Lodging Grand Lake Oklahoma for upcoming events

Here are some upcoming events, that I am aware of, that we will fill up on. So, you might want to get your booking done soon!

April 20-21 Oklahoma BASS Nation HS (Full)

April 27 ABA (3 rooms Left Friday night)

April 30 - May 3 Nebraska BASS Nation (1 room left)

The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees standard room
The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees standard room

Don't forget about about The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees for your non fishing needs too. It would be a great place while visiting the Cherokee Casino that is literally one minute away! We have 10 sleeping rooms. Each has two (2) double beds, a 42" smart TV, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, WIFI, lighted, covered, pull through boat parking, outdoor TV to watch the game while rigging tackle, BBQ grills, two (2) free bags of ice each day, picnic tables and a large fire pit for those cool nights! Plus two full hook up RV Pads!

Covered, lighted, pull thru, electrical hook ups, grill, picnic area
Covered, lighted, pull thru, electrical hook ups, grill, picnic area

The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees

Come Visit!

We hope you enjoy the blog! If there is something you would like me to add to the blog on a regular basis, let me know. Visit and BOOK at or drop us a line at You can also write a review by clicking "write a review" in the upper right, on any page of our website.

Joshua 1:9

God Bless!

Jon Stewart

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